Fumiya Island in Robot Film Festival, July 14, 2012

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Adrianne Wortzel and Daniel Bisig’s film, “Fumiya Island” will be included in the Revenge Of The Robot Film Festival. “Fumiya Island” is one segment of a 3-part pseudo-documentary entitled “archipelago.ch” which depicts individual labs at the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, University of Zurich as a series of “islands” —a “galapagos” of robotics research and development. Creatures inhabiting Fumiya Island are the idiosyncratic quadrupedal robots evolved by researcher Fumiya Iida. Flora is the detritus of their creation. The voiceover consists of the text by Charles Darwin from Chapter 17 of the Voyage of the Beagle- the Galapagos and is narrated by Andrew Berry, fittingly, a British Alfred Wallace historian and Organismic and Evolutionary Biology lecturer at Harvard University who had attended Darwin’s alma mater in Shrewsbury, Great Britain

Revenge of the Robot Film Festival
an all day event on Saturday July 14, 2012
3LD Art and Technology Center
80 Greenwich St
New York, NY 10006


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