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What I set up

A master remote control is set up in the lab at City Tech. It's just a breadboard with an XBee, a few LEDs, and an Arduino board strapped to it. The Arduino board is being powered from the power supply. In case the power supply is turned off next time you come in, just turn it on and set the voltage to about 9V (anywhere between 7V and 12V is fine). But I left the power supply on (I don't see any safety hazard in leaving it on, and it's only drawing about 1.5 Watts). If you want to use the power supply to power something else, you can power the Arduino over USB. Just move the jumper to the USB setting, and plug the Arduino into the USB port on one of the macs. I left a USB cable next to the set up.

There's also two XBees that have orange stickers on them. I set these to have the same network addresses as the XBee on the master remote control. I left one of these orange XBees in a working Elmo.

To get things started, I put one of the orange-sticker-XBees in an Elmo (that's the Elmo standing next to the master remote control). That one works fine. I put the other orange-sticker-Xbee in an Elmo that is still opened up. That one needs to be debugged.

Waiting time after turning on Elmo

Notice the LED flashing on the master. When you turn the Elmo on, or when you hit the reset button on the pcb, you need to wait about 25 flashes before pressing the button on the master remote control. This is about how long the program takes to load up on the microcontroller (I'm not sure why it takes so long, but I will try to fix this). Also, remember the three LEDs on the upper right corner of the pcb? The one on the far right lights up any time the XBee is receiving commands. If the button is pushed during the "start-up" time, you'll see this led light up. Wait until the LED turns off, and start over counting 25 flashes... Again, I apologize for the tedious step of having to count 25 flashes before pushing the button every time you restart the Elmo.

I only need about 5 working ones. The plan is that Adrianne will carry them back to her apartment, and I'll pick them up from her on Friday.


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Page last modified on February 02, 2009, at 01:10 PM