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Unfortunately, the entire morning and a good deal of the afternoon was spent dealing with my Palm Treo 700p and Verizon. To update the software on a mac you need a card and a card reader.. Luckily I had them . But even though they have instructions on line, it was totally frustrating. I think its because they write the instructions as if everyone was a moron, they are too literal on too low a level, with no contingencies for troubleshooting. I got the software installed, and am hot sync-ing now; let's hope this is IT! I still however cant do the *228 thing, this updates the phone.

Idea for today...

Hybrid forms Hybrid form architects: Kolatan and Macdonald - membranes, matrices, pods

porn teletubbies..... (barbies?)

robot teletubbies ?

[insert video here]

fiberglass resin - boats - and what Kilatan and M use

soft ceramics

Sofy told me about Crayola Model Magic - we ordered some Wireless Baby Monitor - 2.5 Inch LCD Receiver + Mini Camera

Wireless Spy Camera Pen - Included Solar Charger Fully functioning and normal looking pen with completely inconspicuous built in wireless mini spy camera, and also coming with an included solar charger for quick and easy recharging of the pen cameras built in Li-ion battery. For fun or for some serious spying, just whip out the pen, twist the cap to start the wireless transmission, have the included MP4/Wireless receiver with 10~20 meters, and you can view and record everything that your spy camera pen sees

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