Battle of the Pyramids (Documentation)

Initiated at an artist’s residency at Eyebeam Atelier – June-December 2008.

Toys (Elmo TMXs) manufactured as companions to children are reconfigured as unsettling faux instruments of war, emulating the idiosyncratic military strategies of a Napoleonic army and the tradition of re-enactment of bloody battles.

Performed at Light Industries March 9, 2009, in “Theater of Code”, curated by Christiane Paul. Included In the exhibiton “Artificial Selection” at 516 ARTS, Albuquerque, New Mexico, May-June 2010 and presented as interactive educational tool to teach children programming at MakerFaire, New York Hall of Science, September 17-18, 2011.

More on the project can be found on these pages:

About the Robots

Work Wiki

Sample Code

Project Text


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