The Electronic Chronicles


©1995 Adrianne Wortzel



The Electronic Chronicles constitute a web art project produced as a thesis project for my MFA in Computer Arts at the School of Visual Art in 1995. It was accompanied by a separate thesis paper. My response to the MFA absolute requirement that official thesis formal paper submission be in the form of a print copy led to my compliance with a version printed two-sided on sheets of translucent paper each of which was then laminated for posterity, shuffled like a deck of cards and then subjected to a mummy wrap in linen.

Here is a descriptive phrasing fromm 1995 describing EC:

“The Electronic Chronicles consists of text and images created for and on the World Wide Web. The work is in the form of hypermedia. I.e. text and images are activated to link to other text and/or images.

It is meant to be viewed with the latest and most developed graphical browsers, at this time that is Netscape 1.1b3. It is scripted in HTML (Hypertext Markup Language).

Clusters of stories and articles are continually constructed and connected to each other as well as to other sites on the Internet, the World Wide Web sites and to virtual communities. Links between stories and images in these electronic documents are regarded as pockets, absences, lapses, synapses, indicating what is inexpressible or interactively assumed by the viewer/reader. The subtext of the work is embedded in the links and left to the viewer to decipher.”

There are the voices of those who created the documents; the characters of this fictive work, bringing us their experience and expression.Characters in The Electronic Chronicles took on a life of their own and re-appeaedr as characters in MOOs – Object Oriented Multi-User Dungeons

“MusEleanor, a prime character, has been asked to do a column on ‘Art in New York’ for the 1995 Berlin VideoFest VideoWeb site. A photograph of musEleanor has been forwarded to VideoWeb for their new home page. The photo will be incorporated into a clickable map leading to all their web site features. She has also published in Intelligent Agent.”

The facade elements are the Casaba Melon Institute reports and interpretations of its archaelogical excavation at the Twin Lions Site. What was excavated were the in situ electronic documents uncovered from the late 1990’s. The Casaba Melon team was concerned with their condition, their origins, their meaning to the wizards who preserved them and took pride in being the archaeologists who discovered and deciphered them.

Different parts of The Electronic Chronicles were on servers in different parts of the world.

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