ELMO ROCCO, Polymath (a book)

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Elmo Rocco, polymath, polyglot, travels through time as a quiet and invisible force of inspiration and invention. He does this in a range of demeanor: at times somber and even irritable; at other times in a state of exuberant enthusiasm, which can be equally difficult to bear.

These are Elmo Rocco’s captured memories, plucked form the memory palace of his mind, and as so, are uneven in coverage. While often his presence in a scenario is sharply evident, at times it is embedded so deeply in the action that it is hardly perceptible; manifesting itself as each situation requires.

With exquisite discretion and determination, Elmo Rocco segues between myriad roles as architect, artifact, chef, chronicler, engineer, explorer, healer, historian, jurisprudent, merchant, naturalist, patriot, patron, warrior, and philosopher.

He assumes roles at times in combinatory fashion, and, at other times in juxtaposition to each other in
an attempt to combust an endeavor into being.

Sensitive to the technical proclivities, historical context and philosophical significance of a particular time and place, and steeped in arenas of both conflict and conversion, he moves through time and the world in a quixotic quest to surpass given best practices in every arena.

Conversely to common practice, Elmo Rocco’s form does not follow function. For no matter what the circumstances, and in spite of his polymorphic modes of action, his form never changes, no matter how decidedly out of synch it becomes with the fashion of the time in which it appears.

Without his timeless encouragement, guidance and direct participation, many great works of art, works of war, and works of industry would never have been actualized.

adrianne wortzel
2013, New York

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