Sayonara Diorama (Script)

Sayonara Diorama

A Play by Adrianne Wortzel

Electronic multimedia performance with robots, live actors, video and live remote participation, performed at the Lovinger Theater, Lehman College, NY, May 28 and April 4, 1998, funded by the Lehman College Art Gallery and the Electronic Media And Film Program of The New York State Council On The Arts.

The Script











Characters in Order of Appearance:

The Ship’s Detective and MatesQuestress
Mr. Blemye
Mr. Panotti
Mr. Sciapod


[Opening Scene [overture]:
Dark stage. A glow grows from the orchestra pit. The orchestra pit rises up [1 minute 30 seconds] to reveal a group of robots] one or two of which looks, left, right and lifts its head and speaks.]

To view the entire script in pdf form, click here.

For more information about the project, go here.

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