S * T * A * R* B * O * A * R * D

An episodic, interactive theatrical work by Adrianne Wortzel.

Collander of Epinodes

hybrid of scripting and improvisation in the form of 10 one-hour on line performances, it provides a realtime performing space on-line and off, a writing space, an acting-out and re-acting space, as well as a place for realtime avatars to hold discourse on the nature of life and art. Combinations of motifs from prior episodes are blended back into the arena to spark new material.

Themes include: “Recursive Nesting”, “Clandestine Cross-Platform Meetings”, The Centaur Stage Players in Spoon River, The Ship’s Detective, as well as rare interviews and in situ documents.

PORT was an exhibition of networked digital worlds on the Internet organized by artnetweb. Scheduled, time-based Internet projects by individuals and groups were simultaneously projected into the physical gallery space at the MIT List Visual Arts Center and online. January 25-March 29, 1997.

PORT has ended its stay at the MIT List Visual Arts Center. A printed catalogue is in preparation and this Web site will remain as documentation.

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